Art Journaling with Stencils

Use stencils to create an original art journal entry with artist Tracy Hickman.

Artwork title: “Chasing My Own Tail, Round and Round”
Artist: Tracy Hickman; IG: @anonymous.palette

Pinterest-350x350-Art-Journaling-Stencil 10
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1. To prepare your background, use a glue stick to adhere two dictionary pages on opposite sheets of a Stillman & Birn Mixed Media Art Journal.

Pinterest-350x350-Art-Journaling-Stencil 4

2. Secure the pages with clips to prevent the journal from closing. Allow to dry.

3. Use a paintbrush to apply a thin coat of white gesso over the dictionary pages.

Pinterest-350x350-Art-Journaling-Stencil 6

4. Create stenciled layers by smudging Ranger Distress and Oxide inks onto a Gelli Plate and spritzing with water.

5. Place the Hexagon Stencil over the inked plate. Then place a vintage dictionary page or ledger paper over the stencil. Apply firm, even pressure and pull the print.

Pinterest-350x350-Art-Journaling-Stencil 7

6. To create additional interest, stamp any ink remaining on the back of the Hexagon Stencil on both journal pages.

7. Use a blending tool or sponge to apply brown ink to the Thatch Stencil for an additional design element.

8. Cut out your hexagon prints. Apply brown ink to the edges for a highlight.

Pinterest-350x350-Art-Journaling-Stencil 8

9. Arrange and glue the hexagon prints in a pleasing pattern across your dictionary pages.

Pinterest-350x350-Art-Journaling-Stencil 9

10. Using a sponge, daub black gesso or acrylic paint through the Stencil1 Tiger Stencil on a vintage receipt or craft paper. Allow to dry, and cut out the tiger.

Pinterest-350x350-Art-Journaling-Stencil 1

11. Drip Phthalo Green fluid acrylic paint over the glued hexagon pattern.

12. Add some splatters using Transparent Red Iron Oxide and Phthalo Green fluid acrylic colors.

13. Position the Industrial Font stencil. Use a sponge to apply Clear Embossing Ink over the pattern.

14. Remove the stencil and sprinkle Copper Embossing Powder over the clear inked pattern. Set with heat. Once dry, glue down your stenciled tiger collage.

15. Select the Brick Stencil from the Stencil1 Patterns, Set of 8. Sponge Distress Ink under the Tiger. If desired, add additional design elements in a light blue color.

Pinterest-350x350-Art-Journaling-Stencil 2

16. Add details by gluing red hole-punched circles where desired, inking edges, and lettering or gluing an inspirational quote to your collage.

Pinterest-350x350-Art-Journaling-Stencil 3