Watercolor Paper Earrings

Watercolor Paper Earrings

As easy to make as they are fun to wear, these unique earrings made from watercolor paper can be decorated in a rainbow of colors. Durable and stylish, they can be worn again and again.

  • PaperEarrings-1

    1. Cut desired shapes using scissors or Paper Shapers. Optional — Cut a deckle edge across the bottom.

  • PaperEarrings-2

    2. Use the screw punch to make holes near the tops of the paper shapes. 

  • PaperEarrings-3

    3. Use jewelry-making tweezers to dip shapes into Liquid Watercolors.

  • PaperEarrings-4

    4. Blot the shapes on paper towels between colors.

  • PaperEarrings-5

    5. Use long nose pliers to open the eye of the fish hook. Thread the paper shape onto the wire. Pinch to close.

  • PaperEarrings-6

    6. Your new earrings are ready to wear!

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