Washi Tape Frame

Washi Tape Picture Frame

Refresh an old frame by wrapping it in washi tape! Easy to tear and reposition, washi tape can be mixed and matched to create a colorful backdrop for your favorite photo.

  • washiTape-1

    1. Find an old picture frame, or buy a new one. Remove the frame-back so it's not in the way while you wrap.

  • washiTape-2

    2. Wrap the frame with different colors and patterns of washi tape. Depending on the color and condition of your frame, you may want to overlap the tape to keep the frame color from showing.

  • washiTape-3

    3. When you're done wrapping, add a favorite photo and replace the frame-back. Display your fun new washi tape frame on a bookcase, table, desk, or wall.

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