Vintage Style Sign

Vintage Style Painted Sign

Give Dad a gift to show off in his garage or workspace! Americana Decor Chalky Paints lend a vintage look to this easy and inexpensive hand-painted sign.

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    1. Download the PDF "Dad's Sign Template" (above). This demo is for a 12" x 16" panel. Print both pages at 8-1/2" x 11". Trim the right edge of Page 1 so the lines go to the edge of the paper. Position Page 1 over Page 2 so the design lines up to make one big image. Tape the two sheets together with transparent tape. Print Page 3 to use as a painting guide.

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    2. Use a large flat brush to coat the entire surface and sides of your wood panel with Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Vintage. Let dry. One coat should be sufficient.

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    3. Paint over the first layer with the Romance color chalky paint. Start from the inside and work toward the edges. Cover the edges of your panel lightly so you can still see some of the first color through the red. This will give the piece a rougher, antique look. Let dry.

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    4. Determine where you'll paint the light blue area. Center the printed template on the board and use three pieces of tape to attach it to the top and bottom of the board. Place a piece of transfer paper, dark side down, under the template. Use a straight edge and ballpoint pen to trace a rectangle over the black lines around the word "garage" in the design (see above). Lift the template (but leave it taped to the board) and the transfer paper. You'll see the rectangle shape transferred to the board.

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    5. With the rectangle as your guide, use painter's tape to border off the area to be painted. Paint the rectangle with Treasure blue chalky paint. Let dry. Peel the tape off carefully to avoid removing any paint.

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    6. Bring the template down over the board again and place the transfer paper under it. Trace around the area of the car and the star. Fill in the area of the car with White Blick Matte Acrylic. (Most of this will be covered later by black paint.) Use a Yellow Elmer's Painters Paint Marker (fine point) and a straight edge to outline the star, then fill it in with Light Yellow Blick Matte Acrylic. Use as many coats as needed. Let the paint dry.

  • vintage-7

    7. Bring the template down again and replace the transfer paper. Trace over all the remaining lines in the template. Lift the template and make sure everything is transferred to the panel.

  • vintage-8

    8. Trace the outlines of the white areas of the design with a White Elmer's Paint Marker (ultra fine point). Fill in the larger white areas with a medium-point paint marker or with the matte acrylic and a small round brush. It may take a few coats of white to cover the red.

  • vintage-9

    9. Trace the outlines of the black areas of the design with a Black Elmer's Paint Marker (ultra fine point) and a straight edge when needed. Fill in the larger black areas with a medium-point paint marker or matte acrylic. Let dry.

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    10. When you're done painting the sign, use a small piece of the fine grit sandpaper to sand the board, giving it a weathered look. Go slowly and start on the sides and edges. It's up to you how much of the effect you want. When you're finished, blow or wipe off the dust. Seal the sign with one or two coats of Americana Decor Matte Varnish. Hang and enjoy!

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