Skull Candles

Skull Candles

A spooky skull candle is the perfect complement to Halloween party décor. It's sure to add unique flair and ambiance to your festivities.

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    1. Prep the skull by using a hacksaw to remove the base from the skull. This will help when securing it to the base board.

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    2. Position the skull on cardboard or foam board using hot glue. Use modeling clay to sculpt a secure border that connects the base to the skull. Make sure it's smooth before the next step.

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    3. Next, cut across the middle of an empty, cylindrical container using a box cutter. We used the top half of a hand wipe container, but something similar, like an empty two liter bottle, may be used instead. Whatever you use, the skull needs to fit inside with extra room around it, as pictured in Step 4.

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    4. Secure the container around the skull with hot glue. Make sure there is enough glue around the bottom to prevent leaks. If the container isn't perfectly round, secure rubber bands around it to get a more balanced shape. Then, use Ease Release 200 Spray to coat the skull and container.

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    5. Mix together Smooth-On Rebound 25 Silicone Rubber — this is a two-part mix and must be combined well before pouring into the container. Cover the entire skull so it's not visible from the top of the container. Let the mold cure to a solid rubber.

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    6. Once cured, remove the rubber mold from the container using a box cutter or X-Acto knife.

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    7. Remove the skull from the mold using a box cutter or X-Acto knife. Only split vertically down the middle of the mold.

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    8. After the skull is removed, place a strand of wick through the middle of the mold. Use wire to ensure the wick is through the entire length of the mold before pouring wax. Seal the mold (leaving the top exposed) with tape to prevent any leaks.

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    9. Use a double-boiling process to melt down wax with desired colors and scents until it's mixed evenly. Pour the mixed wax into your mold and let it cool.

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    10. The wax can take up to four days to cure and settle with the fragrance. (To speed up the curing time you can place the candle in the fridge for 1.5 hours, but this method may not integrate the fragrance as well.) When the wax is cured, remove the tape from the mold and take out the skull candle. Trim any unwanted wick, and you're ready to enjoy your very own skull candle.

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