Clay Pendant

Clay Pendant

Create colorful cameos and faux stone pendants using polymer clay you bake in your oven!

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    1. Condition your polymer clay by rolling and kneading it with your hands. This will make it soft and pliable.

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    2. Press a small amount of clay into a mold to make an impression. Gently remove the clay from the mold.

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    3. Use an X-Acto knife or clay tool to trim the clay image to fit the jewelry frame.

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    4. Choose a Pearl-Ex Pigment and use a wet paintbrush to mix a small amount. Gently brush the Pearl-Ex over the clay shape until you achieve the desired effect.

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    5. Bake the pendant in a conventional oven or toaster oven according to package instructions. Allow it to cool completely.

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    6. Brush the pendant with gloss glaze. Allow it to dry.

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    7.Glue the pendant onto the jewelry frame. Wear and enjoy!

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