Paper Fortune Cookie

Paper Fortune Cookie

Surprise your significant other on Valentine's Day with a fortune cookie made out of paper. Download lovable sayings, or make up your own fortunes to tuck inside!

  • paperFortuneCookie-1

    1. Set the Fiskars Circle Cutter to 1" and cut circles from patterned paper.

  • paperFortuneCookie-2

    2. Fold each circle in half, then fold in half again.

  • paperFortuneCookie-3

    3. In one hand, bend the paper in half and hold onto the edges while using the index finger of the other hand to push in the center of the paper and push the sides forward. You'll see the fortune cookie begin to take shape. Stick one Zot close to the crease of the folded cookie and press the ends together.

  • paperFortuneCookie-4

    4. Insert a fortune into each cookie. You can download fortunes from the internet or write personalized ones. Handwritten fortunes will add a personal touch.

  • paperFortuneCookie-5

    5. Share with loved ones! Fortune cookies can also be used as table favors or party decorations.

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