Origami Butterfly Canvas

Origami Butterfly Canvas

Calling all butterfly fans! This beautiful origami "sculpture" is a great way to paint and fold your way into creating a unique butterfly-filled wall decoration.

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    1. Download instructions for an easy origami butterfly (above). Make as many butterflies as you want on white or colored paper — or do a combo! Yasutomo Mineral Origami Paper accepts any media, wet or dry, so it's a great option if you want to paint or decorate your butterflies before gluing them to the canvas.

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    2. Embellish your origami butterflies any way you'd like. We used Blick Artists' Watercolor to add splashes of color.

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    3. Create a background for your butterflies by painting the canvas with Blick Studio Acrylics. These bright colors cover well, hold brush and palette marks, and dry to a lightfast, flexible finish. Allow the canvas to dry.

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    4. Use glue to affix the origami butterflies in a pattern that suggests movement, freedom, and beauty!

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    5. Allow the finished piece to dry for two or three hours. Hang and enjoy!

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