Mosaic Mirror Wall Hanging

Make your room feel larger and livelier with this mirrored work of art. Colorful glass mosaic tiles give the piece a disco ball look and cascade light into your space.


1. Using chalk, plot out guidelines for your design on the surface of the board. We used half circles but you can try wavy lines, swirls, geometric shapes — feel free to get creative!


2. Lay out a row or two of tiles in a pleasing pattern. To attach the tiles to the board, squeeze a small bead of mosaic tile adhesive out and press the tile down until the adhesive squeezes out the sides. The adhesive will dry clear.


3. Apply the tiles until you reach the first guideline, then introduce another color of mirror tile (we used Cyan blue).


4. Build several rows of the new two-color pattern, until you reach the second guideline. Introduce a third color.


5. Create a gradient, or ombre, effect by interspersing the colors. Continue building rows with the three colors until you reach the third guideline.


6. Finish with a solid color. Allow the adhesive to dry completely and cure for a few days.


7. Once the adhesive is completely dry and clear, mix the gray grout according to the instructions. Apply the grout mixture with a rubber spatula and push it into the gaps between the tiles.


8. Let the grout set for 15–20 minutes, then wipe the excess from the tiles with a damp cloth. When dry, wipe again and polish the tiles. TIP: This wall hanging will weigh 13 lb when completed, so make sure you set the finished piece on a sturdy surface to display or use reinforced nails to hang it.