Holiday Glass Etching

Holiday Glass Etching

Glass etching is a fun and creative way to turn plain or old glassware into beautiful personalized gifts! Use your computer and the Silhouette Cameo cutting tool to make easy-to-use stencils.

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    1. Choose a glass to use. You can find inexpensive wine glasses or tumblers at your local dollar store or resale shop. Upcycling an old vase or empty wine bottle is a great option, too. Etching also works well on colored glass. Prepare the glassware by cleaning it with glass cleaner. Dry completely.

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    2. Create or find a design to etch into the glass. The Silhouette Cameo cutting tool and Stencil Material make it easy to create a stencil from a handmade or computer-generated design. The Silhouette comes with free software, which you can use to download designs from the Silhouette website. For best results, choose or create a design that is a solid color with no gradation.

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    3. After choosing a design, measure how much space you'll use on the glass before making the stencil. Follow the directions provided by the Cameo software to prepare your design. Place a sheet of stencil material on the cutting mat and activate the Cameo. When cutting is complete, remove the material from the mat and remove the design from the sheet by cutting a large area around the edges. Leave extra material around the edges of the design to protect the glass surface from the etching cream.

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    4. Remove the paper backing from the stencil material and apply the adhesive side to the glass surface. With a hobby knife, carefully remove the material from the stencil that will expose the glass to the etching cream. Make sure all of the edges of the stencil are firmly attached to the glass. This is important because etching cream can seep under the stencil and bleed over the edge of the design. If necessary, use masking tape to secure the stencil edges.

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    5. Using the brush and gloves provided in the etching kit, apply a thick layer of etching cream on the glass and stencil. When the design is completely covered, let it sit for one or two minutes.
    Caution: If skin comes in contact with etching cream, immediately rinse off with water.

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    6. When etching is complete, rinse the cream off quickly and thoroughly under lukewarm running water until all of it is rinsed away. Carefully remove the remaining stencil and tape. You now have a permanent design etched into the glass!

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