Fun And Funky Fimo Ring

Fun And Funky Fimo Ring

Use a ring form that bakes with polymer clay to create a finished piece in one step!

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    1. Condition the polymer clay. Break off two or more bars from the square of clay. With warm hands, knead the clay for 5–7 minutes. To speed up this process, fill a plastic zip bag with warm water and let the clay rest on top of the bag for a few minutes before kneading. The clay should become flexible and workable. Knead some of each color that will be used.

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    2. Roll a thin coil of each of four (or more) colors of clay and lay them next to each other in a row. Cut the coils in half with the slicer, flip the row, and position it on top of the first row. Repeat. Push the coils together into a block with fingers.

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    3. Slice through the block, removing a piece slightly thicker than the bezel of the ring form. Roll over the slice using the acrylic roller to thin it slightly and combine the coils.

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    4. Using the ring form like a cookie cutter, push down on the slice of clay. The edges should cut easily with enough pressure. If the slab is thick, trim around the edges of the ring form with the slicer. Bake at 230 degrees for 30 minutes and cool. That's it! Flaunt your wearable masterpiece.

For other caning techniques, watch 'Beginning Caning Techniques with Sculpey Polymer Clay' here

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