Faux Sea Glass

Faux Sea Glass

Create imitation sea glass with this easy process that uses oven-bake clay and alcohol-based ink. Make beads for jewelry (a great gift!) or display your sea glass pieces in a bowl.

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    1. Knead a small amount of transluscent Premo! Sculpey until it is soft. Choose a color of Spectrum Noir Alcohol Ink and add a small drop to the Sculpey. Wipe off any excess ink and allow it to dry.

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    2. Knead the clay until the color is distributed evenly throughout. Tear the clay into pieces of varying sizes.

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    3. Roll each piece of clay into a ball. Then, using a flat ceramic tool, flatten the sides of each ball into an interesting shape. Make some pieces flat and some chunky, keeping in mind how real sea glass looks.

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    4.To create stones for display, leave the pieces as-is. To make beads, use a needle to add holes.

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    5. Place jewelry beads on a bead rack and bake them according to package instructions. Place sea glass pieces on a flat surface to bake. Note: Do not exceed the recommended temperature or recommended baking time. Do not microwave.

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    6. Pair this project with our Celtic Wire Jewelry project and create your own faux sea glass jewelry.

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