Eco Friendly Eggshell Candles

Eco-Friendly Eggshell Candles

Don't throw away those eggshells! Make a beautiful and simple candle instead with just spray paint, a button, and natural, microwavable soy wax.

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    1. Using a knife, carefully tap all the way around the top quarter of an egg to crack the shell and remove the top. Empty the eggshell, wash it thoroughly, and let dry.

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    2. Spray the outside of the eggshell with metallic Krylon spray paint. To spray the shell more easily, carefully wrap the knife blade with paper towel and insert it into the empty shell to hold it up. Let dry.

  • eco-3

    3. Place a dab of glue in the center of a small button, center the egg on the button, and let dry.

  • eco-4

    4. Tie a few inches of wick to a toothpick and center it over the egg so that the bottom of the wick is just long enough to reach the bottom of the inside of the egg. Melt the microwavable soy wax according to package directions. Slowly pour the melted soy wax into the egg. When the wax is hard, trim the wick just below the knot and remove the toothpick.

    Hint: To make this project even simpler, skip steps 2 and 3, position the empty eggshell in an egg carton, pour the wax, and remove the shell once the wax is set. The result is a very natural looking egg-shaped candle. Use an egg cup for a candle holder!

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