Easy Fabric Stencil

Easy Fabric Stenciling

Personalize jeans or a jacket to reflect your own unique style. It's easy to make fabric stencils that turn your wardrobe into an expression of you!

  • fabricStencil-1

    1. Draw or transfer an image onto the yellow Mask-Ease sheet. A window works great as an instant light box for tracing! A simple, solid image works best.

  • fabricStencil-2

    2. Cut out the inside of the image with an X-Acto knife. For small or delicate details, cover the Mask-Ease sheet with clear cover film to hold it in place (be sure to remove the release liner). If the design is simple, no cover film is necessary.

  • fabricStencil-3

    3. Press the stencil firmly onto the fabric to be printed. If a cover film was used, remove it.

  • fabricStencil-4

    4. Mix one part acrylic paint with one part fabric medium. Holding the stencil brush upright, dab the mixture onto the cut-out image. Carefully remove the stencil and allow the fabric to dry. Wear and enjoy!

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