Decorative Plates

Decorative Plates

Make pretty decorative plates for gifts or holiday décor — no kiln required! Instead, use transfer paper, paint markers, and bisque plates. (Please note these plates are for decoration only.)

  • decorative-1

    1. Create a base for your design. Paint the plate with a large Montana Acrylic Marker.

  • decorative-2

    2. Choose a printed image, word, or quote. Place the transfer paper on the plate, put the image on top, and trace the design using a pen or pencil. Or draw a freehand design if you'd prefer.

  • decorative-3

    3. Color in the transferred design using paint markers.

  • decorative-4

    4. When the design is dry, apply Blair Gloss finishing spray. Add as many coats as you'd like to achieve the desired gloss level. Make sure the previous coat is dry before adding another coat.

  • decorative-5

    5. Use Krazy Glue to attach a hanger to the back of the plate. You can also display your plate using a plate holder. NOTE: These plates are not food-friendly. Use them only for decoration.

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