Decorated Pencils & Holder

Decorated Pencils & Holder

Jazz up those boring school pencils using cool Washi Tape designs and Blick Matte Acrylics. Then make a fun and easy pencil holder using air-dry clay, and you've got a great gift for a teacher or artist!


    Washi Tape Pencils

  • washiTapePencil-1

    1. Start by cutting a strip of Washi Tape about the same length as your pencil. Affix the tape onto your pencil and carefully press it down to avoid wrinkles or bubbles.

  • washiTapePencil-2

    2. You will need to do this with two strips of tape to fully cover each pencil. When you're done, trim the edges and sharpen your pencils.

    Inspirational Painted Pencils

  • PaintedPencil-1

    1. Start by cutting small pieces of artist or masking tape and cover up the eraser and ferrule on each pencil.

  • PaintedPencil-2

    2. Paint each pencil with your desired Blick Matte Acrylic paint color. Let dry for 20 minutes and then give them a second coat.

  • PaintedPencil-3

    3. After a few hours' drying time, use a sharpened pencil to write some inspirational and fun messages on the pencils. When you're satisfied with your messages, go over the pencil lines with the Black Ultra-Fine Sharpie. Remove the tape and sharpen your pencils when you're finished.

    Air-Dry Clay Pencil Holder

  • airDry-1

    1. Start by forming a large portion of the Crayola Air-Dry Clay into a rough rectangular block that is 2" long by 3" wide and about 1-1/2" high. You can use any flat tool — such as a ruler — to get the edges straight.

  • airDry-2

    2. Use a pencil to poke 12 holes in the top of your clay block. Twist the pencil around a bit in each hole to make sure pencils will fit inside later. The drying time of the clay will vary, but overnight should be enough. Leave the clay in a dry place outside to increase drying speed.

  • airDry-3

    3. When the clay is dry enough, paint your block with white Blick Matte Acrylic paint.

  • airDry-4

    4. After drying, draw intersecting curved lines in pencil over the top and sides of the block.

  • airDry-5

    5. Paint each section within the curved lines using the acrylic paint colors of your choice.

  • airDry-6

    6. When the paint is fully dried, trace over the original pencil lines with the black paint marker.

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