Clay Bird Pendant

Clay Bird Pendant

Make a sweet bird gift tag that doubles as a pendant after the holidays. This porcelain-like air-hardening clay doesn't require a kiln. Get beautiful results overnight!

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    1. Make one-of-a-kind stamps to emboss textures into the clay. Roll the clay into a coil approximately 6" x 1". Use the fettling knife to cut the coil into three 2" sections. Smooth and round the edges. Stamps can also be made with square ends, or even after shaping into a wing shape.

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    2. Use the fettling knife, a pen, or other household items to create texture stamps by pressing patterns into the ends of the coils. Each section of coil will make two stamps (one on each end). Allow to dry until hard.

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    3. Roll a slab of clay approximately 1/4" thick. Use a pencil to lightly draw a simple outline of a bird onto the slab, and cut it out using a fettling knife. Apply texture to the clay with the handmade stamps, and use the end of a ball point pen to add an eye to the bird. Impress details into the wing and tail. Poke a hole in the top center of the bird for hanging. Allow to dry completely under a slight weight such as a book.

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    4. Jazz up the pendants with metallic paint. Brush metallic paint onto the surface of the pendant. Use a slightly damp paper towel to remove some paint from the surface, allowing it to remain in the recessed, stamped areas. Allow to dry. Add to a gift by stringing onto ribbon.

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