Button Art

Button Art

Create an amazing 3-D artwork with just some buttons, paint, and glue. A fun project to do with little ones, the 'painting' can be personalized to reflect the child's interests or bedroom décor.

  • buttonArt-1

    1. Sketch a simple image on the canvas. Create large areas where you can group buttons of the same color or color scheme. Draw flowers, birds, race cars, robots — use your imagination!

  • buttonArt-2

    2. Decide on a color scheme for your painting and use paints to color in the background. This will act as a guide for button placement and also define your painting when viewed from across the room.

  • buttonArt-3

    3. Use a hot glue gun to add your buttons to the painting. For a 3-D look from all sides, consider gluing buttons to the edges of the canvas as well.

  • buttonArt-4

    4. Step back and admire your creation. Attach a simple hanger and hang it on the wall. Or display your piece in a bookcase.

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