Advent Calendar

Mini Canvas Advent Calendar

Help the kids countdown to Christmas with a DIY advent calendar. This pretty holiday decoration is made with Blick mini canvas, washi tape, and paint markers. The finished canvases also double as cute ornaments for the tree!

  • adventCalendar-1
  • 1. Divide your wood painting panel using a pencil and ruler.

    Horizontal lines:

    –Make a line 2" from the top of the board.

    –From the top line make another line 2" down, then make another line 3/8" down from that. Repeat this four more times.

    Vertical lines:

    –Draw a line down both sides of the board 1/2" from the edge.

    –Draw another line 2" from the first line. Repeat four more times.

  • adventCalendar-2

    2. Color in the squares on the board using paint markers. When the paint is dry, use a stencil to add the numbers 1–25 to the squares.

  • adventCalendar-3

    3. Brush on a layer of Mod Podge to protect the board. Let dry.

  • adventCalendar-4

    4. Measure to the middle of each colored square and make a mark at the top. At this mark, hammer in a thumbtack or short nail. Make sure it's hammered in most of the way.

  • adventCalendar-5

    5. Finish the board with a decorative ribbon. You can make your own or pick one up at a holiday store. Add a hanging wire.

  • adventCalendar-6

    6. Decorate each mini canvas with paint markers and washi tape.

  • adventCalendar-7

    7. Add a layer of Mod Podge to each canvas to protect the design. When dry, glue numbers 1–25 to each canvas. The ones shown above are stenciled numbers on wood shapes.

  • adventCalendar-8

    8. Attach a sawtooth hanger to the back of each canvas.

  • adventCalendar-9

    9. Put small gifts in the back of each mini canvas and hang them on the board. The gifts can be anything — small toys, candy, inspirational quotes, jokes, fun facts! Each day in December, take off the canvas with the corresponding number and reveal the gift. Tie a ribbon to the sawtooth hanger and hang each canvas on your Christmas tree as a pretty ornament.

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