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Footloose in History, 4-Part DVD
Footloose in History, 4-Part DVD
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This fast-moving, entertaining overview of history combines art, architecture, fads, fashions, and fascinating trivia. The programs deal with art and history as the consequences of social, economic, and political thinking of various periods, using "the shoe" as the linking device. History truly comes alive! This interdisciplinary program invites questions and further exploration into the nooks and crannies of our historical past. It is available as a 4-part DVD with a teacher's guide. Each part is 27 minutes. Appropriate for grades 512. Part I   Fashions and culture of ancient Egypt to Medieval Europe. Part II   Middleclass life to the court of Henry VIII. Part III   Rembrandt's "Night Watch" to the French Revolution. Part IV   Cowboys and Indians to the astronauts, a potpourri of Americana.

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