Weber Odorless Turpenoid

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Weber Odorless Turpenoid, assorted sizes
Weber Odorless Turpenoid, assorted sizes
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Weber Odorless Turpenoid is THE premium turpentine substitute. Very volatile, thin, and colorless, it possesses the same painting properties and drying time as turpentine  without the strong odor. Use Weber Odorless Turpenoid as a medium with artists' oil colors and varnishes. It...

Weber is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Bottle 4 oz 118 ml
Can 8 oz 237 ml
Pint Can 16 oz 473 ml
Quart Can 32 oz 946 ml
2 L Plastic Bottle 67.6 oz 2 L
Gallon Can 128 oz 3.8 L


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