Warren 16 Piece Carving Chest

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16 Piece Carving Chest
16 Piece Carving Chest
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This carving kit, packaged in an attractive cedar tool chest, is ideal for the serious woodcarver or the aspiring hobbyist. It features tools which are all made of super hard laminated steel, razor sharp for great results every time. Black walnut handle with 3-way solid brass chuck, 6 high-carbon steel blades each with a different profile, Vee gouge, 60-degree 4.5 mm, Vee gouge, 60-degree 1.5 mm, Shallow gouge 9 mm, #3 Sweep gouge 9 mm, #8 gouge 4.5 mm, #8 gouge 3 mm, sharpening strop and compound to maintain all tools.