Union Maxopake Liberty Series Ink

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Union Maxopake Liberty Series Ink - Quart, Scarlet Red
Union Maxopake Liberty Series Ink - Quart, Scarlet Red
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The most opaque plastisol colors available, Union Maxopake Liberty Series Inks are recommended for direct manual printing or machine printing on black and dark-colored garments. Smooth, creamy, and ready to use, even the neon colors in this series are bright and highly opaque. The best opacity is achieved when printing on 4T-110T monofilament polyester. Maxopake inks can also be printed through higher mesh counts on light-colored fabrics with the addition of Maxopake Reducer/Detackifier. Multiple strokes may be required when printing by hand. When printing with an automatic press, a rounded squeegee is recommended for printing a thicker ink layer. A soft pad on the printing pallet will minimize penetration into the garment and improve opacity. Maxopake inks come ready to use but, if necessary, they can be reduced with small amounts of Maxopake Reducer/Detackifier. Reducing of the ink may affect the opacity on dark garments. Maxopake inks will not air-dry , and must be heat-cured . The inks will fully cure and withstand repeated washings when the entire ink deposit reaches 300°F (149°C) . Garments printed with Maxopake have excellent washability. Dry cleaning is not recommended.

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