UArt Premium Sanded Pastel Paper Boards

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Sanded Pastel Paper Board
Sanded Pastel Paper Board
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The strongest and most durable mounted boards available! UArt Premium Pastel Paper Boards were created to provide pastel, colored pencil, and charcoal artists with a high-quality, reliable foundation. UArt Premium Sanded Pastel Paper is affixed to the boards with acid-free glue. This premium-quality, neutral-colored sanded paper accepts many layers of hard or soft pastels, yet also works well with other media. Layer, correct, and create without impairing the surface or your artwork. The low-profile surface allows for easy erasing, and close attention to detail during the manufacturing process guarantees a consistent surface from corner to corner. UArt Premium Pastel Paper Boards come in a variety of grades:

240 Grit — The largest tooth available in a sanded pastel paper. 280 Grit — Ideal for those with a heavier hand or who want texture to show. 320 Grit — Perfect for artists who desire extra layering. 400 Grit — A favorite of many professional pastel artists and ideal for those trying UArt for the first time. 500 Grit — A moderate tooth for any medium. 600 Grit — Perfect for those with a focus on detail work. 800 Grit — The finest tooth, popular for super fine pastel or colored pencil applications.

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