Tri-Art Solucryl Acrylic Paints


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Tri-Art Solucryl Acrylic Paints

Solucryl is the definitive educational paint. Priced to fit neatly into any budget, this economical palette of 20 colors is designed for use by anyone from school-aged children to seniors in a huge variety of applications. Solucryl colors are vibrant, virtually odorless, non-toxic, and best...

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Item Specs

Bottle1 Liter1000 ml33.8 oz
Bottle2 Liters2000 ml67.6 oz


Solucryl in the Classroom

From kindergarten through university, from splash painting to airbrush art, Solucryl has a place in countless facets of art education.

Solucryl colors are brilliant and strong. Ideal for color theory, the primary color group mixes beautifully to create clean secondary and tertiary colors.

The paint is pourable and mixes easily with a brush. For younger students (and less mess) Solucryl can be pre-poured into deep-well palettes, one quarter inch at a time, allowed to dry overnight and then used like tempera dry blocks. The paint can be re-activated by using a wet brush or spraying it with water.

The pigments used in Solucryl will stain clothing, so children should wear smocks while painting. The paint will wash off skin with soap and water.

Solucryl has an excellent shelf life and colors will not separate or hard-cake in the jar, provided they remain well sealed. Bacterial growth inhibitors help to prevent the formation of mildew over long storage periods.



Solucryl can be painted or sprayed onto a multitude of surfaces. It is most at home on paper or canvas but can also be applied to other porous surfaces such as wood, cardboard, and bisque-fired clay.

As with all waterbased paints, it will not adhere well to oily or greasy surfaces. Non-porous surfaces such as glass or metal should be lightly sanded to provide better adhesion.