Tri-Art Liquid Artist Acrylic Paints


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Tri-Art Liquid Artist Acrylics - Indian Yellow, 120 ml bottle

Tri-Art's Liquid Acrylics provide the artist with a self leveling, fluid paint ideal for high detail, glazing, and watercolor-like techniques, without sacrificing color strength or permanence. Only the highest quality color pigments, which have been selected for purity and lightfastness, are used. ...

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Item Specs

Plastic Bottle120 ml4 oz


All Tri-Art products are compatible with each other and can be mixed or interchanged according to the artist’s desired technique. To thin, use Tri-Art Acrylic Mediums, or water. Do not mix with oils, mineral spirits or turpentine.

Tri-Art acrylics will adhere very well to most surfaces. Adhesion to non-absorbent surfaces will be improved if the surface is roughened first with sandpaper or steel wool.

Tri-Art acrylic will not adhere well to oily or greasy surfaces. Keep brushes and tools wet during use and clean with soap and water after use.


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