Tri-Art Finest Self-Leveling Gel Medium

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Self Leveling Gel, Gloss
Self Leveling Gel, Gloss
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Tri-Art Self-Leveling Gel is the ideal medium for creating thick, level glazes without brush strokes. When used to extend color it will impart its self-leveling properties to other Tri-Art Acrylic products. It dries to a level, high gloss film which can be etched into when partially dry to create encaustic-like effects.
Formulated from 100% pure acrylic polymer emulsion, this product has a milky appearance when wet and will dry clear. It increases the flow and transparency of Tri-Art Acrylic colors and remains flexible even in multiple layers. Tri-Art Self-Leveling Gel is the medium of choice when an even, glossy surface is needed for collage and découpage.

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