Tri-Art Finest Acrylic White Gesso

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White Gesso
White Gesso
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Tri-Arts 100% Acrylic Gesso has superior covering power and flexibility. It dries to a matte white finish which can be easily sanded to provide a smoother ground. To create a more textured ground, combine it with Tri-Art Modeling Paste until the desired effect is achieved.
Applied directly from the jar or thinned with polymer medium or water, Tri-Art Gesso will seal all semi-absorbent surfaces, while creating a neutral painting surface. For maximum performance, apply three to four coats of Gesso to the ground.
Do not apply acrylic gesso to oily or greasy surfaces. Both acrylic and oil paints will adhere to the dry gesso film. When using an acrylic gesso with oil-based or alkyd paints, be extra careful that the surface is dry and fully cured.

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