Studio Designs Futura Luxe Craft Table

Studio Designs

4.6 out of 5 stars
Studio Designs Futura Luxe Craft Table - Left Angle showing side shelf folded down and top tilted up

Highly versatile, the Studio Designs Futura Luxe Craft Table can be used for a wide variety of projects. The main table top tilts up to 35° — perfect for drawing — and can be used as a light table for tracing. Or, lay the table top flat for craft projects and more. The table has a tempe...

Item #: 80537-1001
Description: Futura Luxe Craft Table
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Item Specs

Overall Dimensions
Height31½"80 cm
Width50"127 cm
Depth24"61 cm
Table Top Dimensions
Width35½"90 cm
Depth23½"60 cm
Folding Side Shelf
Width8"20 cm
Depth22¼"57 cm
Slide-Out Storage Drawer
Height¾"1.9 cm
Width28"71 cm
Depth9¼"23 cm
Slide-Up Pencil Ledge
Length24"61 cm

Weight Limits
Table Top25 lb11 kg
Folding Side Shelf11 lb4.9 kg
Slide-Out Storage Drawer5 lb2.3 kg


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