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Spectrum Noir Illustrator Marker Sets

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Basic Colors, Set of 6
Basic Colors, Set of 6
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Perfect for drawing and illustration, Spectrum Noir Illustrator Markers offer a unique combination of affordability and quality for artists of all experience levels. Two tips, brush and super fine, enable smooth, natural linework and detailed coloring.
The barrels are ergonomically designed for comfort and versatility. Hold them at the widest point for a loose, sweeping feel, for rough layouts and broad color fills. Used sideways, they provide a firm, precise grip for fine details.

Item Specs

™ Spectrum Noir is a trademark.

Item Specs

Basic Colors, Set of 6

  • AG3 Emerald
  • CR11 Flame Red
  • OR3 Bright Orange
  • TB4 Surf Blue
  • CT3 Canary
  • PL3 Purple


Earth Colors, Set of 6

  • YG3 Moss Green
  • YG1 Khaki
  • GB7 Raw Sienna
  • GB4 Goldenrod
  • BT9 Petrol Blue
  • BT1 Pale Mint


Essential Colors, Set of 6

  • IG6 Ice Grey 6
  • IG2 Ice Grey 2
  • MB2 Soft Brown
  • MB1 Muted Brown
  • True Black
  • Blender


Hue Colors, Set of 6

  • CG3 Pear Green
  • PP6 Cocktail Pink
  • AB3 Caribbean
  • BO3 Amber
  • LV3 Amethyst
  • GY3 Gold


Neutral Colors, Set of 6

  • GG3 Green Grey 3
  • BG2 Brown Grey 2
  • BGR1 Blue Grey 1
  • BG6 Brown Grey 6
  • BGR3 Blue Grey 3
  • GG1 Green Grey 1


Portrait Colors, Set of 6

  • FS9 Ivory
  • FS2 Dusty Pink
  • FS6 Cream
  • FS5 Peach
  • EB2 Cocoa
  • EB7 Dark Brown


Tint Colors, Set of 6

  • CG1 Pale Citrus
  • PP1 Blossom
  • AB1 Duck Egg
  • BO1 Vanilla
  • LV1 Lavender
  • GY1 Moonlight


Tone Colors, Set of 6

  • DP1 Wisteria
  • DP2 Old Lavender
  • VB1 Smokey Blue
  • VB2 Vintage Blue
  • AP1 Pink Lace
  • AP3 Vintage Pink