Skutt 1014 GlassMaster Kiln

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Glassmaster Kiln, 240V-SP, 34A
Glassmaster Kiln, 240V-SP, 34A
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Skutt Studio Kilns are the most popular among serious home glass fusers. Their economical price coupled with large firing chambers make them flexible and affordable. Featuring top and side firing elements, these units fire very evenly across the shelf and also top to bottom. Features of the GM-1014 include the GlassMaster Controller, lid and side-fired elements, and a low mass Type K thermocouple. The lid has been redesigned to remove the pins that previously held the elements in place. This improved design eliminates the potential of pins falling into fused glass pieces.
An 8" stand, hinged control box, and porcelain peep plugs are also included.

Kiln Return Policy - Kilns are custom-built to order and are shipped directly by the manufacturer; therefore, Blick is unable to accept returns. Please review all information and contact our customer service department to address any questions prior to ordering.

Item Specs

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Item Specs

Item No. Model Phase Volts Amps
34941-0500 GM1014 1 208 39.1
34941-0400 GM1014 1 240 34


Item No. Watts Max. Temp. Cubic Feet
34941-0500 8133 1800°F 3.5
34941-0400 8160 1800°F 3.5


Item No. Chamber Opening Depth Shipping Weight Receptacle
34941-0500 23½" 13½" 174 lb 6-50
34941-0400 23½" 13½" 174 lb 6-50