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Silhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker

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Silhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker
Silhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker
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The Silhouette Mint allows you to create the perfect stamp using your own custom images (even photos) and any font on your computer. Simply connect the Mint to your PC or Mac and use the included Mint Studio software to design your project. The Silhouette Mint will produce a custom 3-D relief using the machine’s special "thermal printing" ability. With the Mint, you can do the following things:

Create an original stamp using your own drawings or illustrations Turn text into a stamp using any font on your computer Import any found image into Mint Studio to create your stamp Turn a photo into an amazingly detailed stamp
Use one of the 50 stamp designs included with the machine Combine any or all of these options

Once you have your design prepared, insert a stamp sheet into the Mint, send your design to the machine, and the Silhouette Mint will produce a custom 3-D relief. Attach that to a stamp base, apply Mint Stamp Ink in one or multiple colors, and you're ready to stamp. Each application of ink lets you stamp approximately 50 images before reapplication is required.
It comes with the following materials so you can get started right away:

2 Stamp sheets (15 mm × 60 mm and 30 mm × 30 mm) 2 Stamp mounts (15 mm × 60 mm and 30 mm × 30 mm) 2 Stamp bases (15 mm × 60 mm and 30 mm × 30 mm) 4 Labels 4, 5 ml Bottles of Mint Stamp Ink (Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue) 50 Exclusive stamp designs Power cord USB cord Mint Studio software Instructions

The Silhouette Mint measures 2¼"H × 4¾"W × 3¼"D and can create stamps up to 15 mm × 90 mm (separate purchase of larger size stamp kit. required). For larger stamp kits, inks, and accessories, click on the Silhouette Mint Stamp Making Accessories link below.

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