SilentAire Super Silent 20-A Compressor

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Designed for one operator using one or two airbrushes, the SilentAire Super Silent 20-A Compressor is virtually soundless and is a totally automatic compressor with a tank pressure gauge, line pressure gauge, line pressure regulator, moisture trap/filter, safety/bleeder-valve, air-intake filter, on/off switch and a handle for balanced carrying.
It includes a 0.4 gallon tank, 1/5 HP motor, 110V, 60 cycle, offers 0.70 CFM free air with an automatic pressure switch for start-up and shut-off, factory preset at 55 PSI (on) and 85 PSI (off), but this can be adjusted for individual needs. Weight is 40 lbs. (18 kg).

Electrical Warning - All electrical products have U.S. standard plugs and voltage. Due to damage that can occur when using incompatible plugs, sockets, or converters, Blick does not ship electrical items or accessories outside of North America or to freight forwarders.

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