Sharpening Stones

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Small Sharpening Stone, Ultra Fine Grit
Small Sharpening Stone, Ultra Fine Grit
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Use these sharpening stones for maintaining a mirror-honed edge on your tools.

40217-1010 -Due to its ability to impart the highest perfection to the cutting edge, the Arkansas Stone takes its place as the aristocrat among sharpening stones. Natural stones are quarried from the finest O...

Item Specs

Edward C Lyons

Item Specs

Small 1"L × 3-1/2"W × 3/8"H 2 cm × 8.9 cm × .95 cm
Medium 1-3/4"L × 4"W × 5/8"H 4.4 cm × 10 cm × 1.6 cm
Large 4"Dia × 1" Thick 10 cm × 2.5 cm