Shade-Tex Rubbing Plates

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Architecture Set
Architecture Set
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Everyone from kids to professional artists will enjoy adding instant energy and drama to paper or clay projects with these fun textured rubbing plates. The intricate textured designs are molded right into the flexible and sturdy 8½" × 11" (22 cm × 28 cm) plastic plates.
Easily add detailed patterns to drawings, greeting cards, murals, or collages by placing the plate under the paper and rubbing. Or use them to emboss detailed designs onto clay projects. Simply impress a pattern by using a brayer, or applying pressure by hand.
Add even more texture by running the rubbing plate and a thin clay slab through a pasta machine. Start with the patterns on the sheets, and then create new ones by twisting and turning the plates to create cross hatching, half tones, and more.
Sheets are washable and sturdy enough to use in project after project. Each 6-sheet set contains many different designs.

Item Specs

Item Specs

Length 11" 28 cm
Width 8½" 22 cm