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Sennelier Artists' Oil Sticks

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Sennelier Artists' Oil Stick - Blending Stick
Sennelier Artists' Oil Stick - Blending Stick
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Made from pure concentrated pigment, the finest safflower oil, and high quality mineral wax, Sennelier's Oil Sticks can be used alone or in combination with tube oil paints. Like regular oils, they can be diluted with turpentine. They dry to a hard film. These creamy, very lightfast sticks can be...

Sennelier is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Measurement in ml

Measurement in Inches

 Measurement in cm

38 ml

5¾"L × ¾"Dia

14 cm × 2 cm

96 ml

6"L × 1¼"Dia

15 cm × 2.8 cm