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Schmincke Aero Color Professional Airbrush Colors

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Schmincke Aero Color Professional Airbrush Colors are specially formulated for the airbrush but are also suitable for retouching pens, dip-pens, and brushes. Ready to use, water-resistant, and nearly odorless, they are available in 36 brilliant colors and 12 special effects colors. Aero Color Professional Colors are rich, vibrant, professional-quality paints that are easy to use, light-resistant, and highly pigmented. Many of the colors are single-pigment shades that guarantee brilliant mixtures and an unlimited variety of shades. They can be used full strength or diluted with water. These colors are easy to mask and excellent for graphic designs and special airbrush techniques. They dry to a semi-matte, water-resistant finish. Aero Color Professional adheres particularly well to all types of paper and cardboard as well as traditional non-absorbent surfaces such as film, hard plastics, canvas, and metals that have been prepared properly. Many popular watercolor techniques can also be realized with Aero Color Professional, including wet-in-wet painting, clear paintbrush lines, and glazing techniques where the colors are diluted with water. When dry, the colors become waterproof, making it possible to achieve interesting combinations with Horadam Aquarell colors. Watercolor compositions can also be complemented when Aero Color Professional Colors are applied with a steel or reed pen. The application of color straight from the pipette also creates unusual effects. Aero Color Professional Airbrush Colors become viscous when stored. They liquefy, however, after being shaken briefly. When required the colors may be diluted with distilled water up to 20% or unlimited with Aero Medium (Art.-No.50 602).

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