Savage Heavy Duty Light Stands


Savage Heavy Duty Light Stand - 10 ft

Made with sturdy, high-quality aluminum, Savage Heavy Duty Light Stands are great for use with heavier equipment. They're air cushioned, which allows for quick and easy adjusting. If you forget to tighten any section or are quickly breaking down on set after a long day, the light will slowly and saf...

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Item Specs

10 ft Heavy Duty Stand
Max Height10 ft305 cm
Minimum Height3.7 ft113 cm
Folded Length3.5 ft107 cm
Max Weight Fully Extended12 lb5.4 kg
Weight5 lb2.2 kg


13 ft Heavy Duty Stand
Max Height13 ft396 cm
Minimum Height4.2 ft128 cm
Folded Length3.7 ft113 cm
Max Load Fully Extended11 lb4.9 kg
Weight5 lb2.2 kg