Sargent Art Sculpt-It Air-Hardening Clay

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Sargent Sculpt-It Air-Hardening Clay - 2 lb
Sargent Sculpt-It Air-Hardening Clay - 2 lb
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Sculpt-It is ideal for freehand modeling and creating realistic sculptures. No kiln or heat baking is required. It is non-toxic, ideal for children who are old enough to work with modeling or polymer clays.
It dries to an almost ceramic hard surface with minimal shrinkage, and can be moistened while pliable for piece-to-piece adhesion, smoothing, and blending to avoid cracking. Paint the finished piece when it is dry, or leave it unpainted for that natural look.

Item Specs

Sargent Art is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Bucket 2 lb 907 g
Jar 0.75 oz 21 g
(each package)
0.67 oz 19 g