Sandusky Lee Heavy-Duty Flat Wagon

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Heavy-Duty Flat Wagon
Heavy-Duty Flat Wagon
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The Sandusky Lee Heavy-Duty Flat Wagon features a sturdy design that makes transporting large or heavy items, like rock or clay tubs, safe and easy. Its steel mesh deck accommodates items weighing up to 1,000 lb (454 kg) , and auto-type steering keeps the front wheels under the steel frame to prevent tipping. The 2" (5.1cm) sides keep items from slipping off the wagon during transport. The Heavy-Duty Flat Wagon features four heavy-duty 10" (25 cm) diameter pneumatic tires that roll easily over rough surfaces. The large D-handle is easy to grip, and a durable, green powder-coat finish resists chips, scratches, and corrosion. The wagon measures 14" (36 cm) high with a deck that measures 20" (51 cm) wide × 38" (97 cm) long.

Item Specs

® Sandusky Lee is a registered trademark of Sandusky Lee Corporation.

Item Specs

Height 14" 36 cm
Width 20" 51 cm
Length 38" 97 cm
Sides 2" 5.1 cm
Tire Diameter 10" 25 cm
Carrying Capacity 1,000 lb 454 kg