Richeson Cotton Art Panels

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Cotton Art Panel
Cotton Art Panel
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Richeson Cotton Art Panels have a soft tooth finish, which makes them the perfect painting surface for oils, alkyds, acrylics, and casein, and other water-based paints. The cotton canvas is triple-primed with acrylic primer, creating an archival, acid-free finish. Then it's adhered to a pH-neutral, tempered, 1/8" high-density fiberboard base using permanent, acid-free glue. Each board is double-coated with gesso using a waterfall system for a controlled, even application of gesso. The layer of gesso produces an archival barrier between the panel and the canvas. These panels are warp-resistant, moisture-resistant, and formaldehyde-free. Choose from three linen textures — Extra Fine, which is smooth and perfect for portrait painting; Fine, which has slight texture; and Medium, which has texture.

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