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Print & Stamp Lab - Paperback
Print & Stamp Lab - Paperback
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Artist and popular workshop instructor Traci Bunkers can turn just about anything into an interesting stamp, printing block, or tool. In Print & Stamp Lab , she shows you how to see overlooked, everyday objects in a new way, and how to "MacGyver" them into easy-to-use printing blocks and tools. In these pages, learn how to create 52 blocks and stamps, all from inexpensive, ordinary, and unexpected materials  string, spools, adhesive bandages, flip flops, ear plugs, rubber bands, school erasers, and a slew of other repurposed and upcycled items. The book also shows you how to use these simple tools to make gorgeous, multi-layered prints and patterns for journal covers, stationery, fabrics, accessories, and more. Author  Traci Bunkers. Paperback. 144 pages. 8½" × 8½" (22 cm × 22 cm).

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