Prang Ready-To-Use Tempera Paint

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Prang's ready-to-use tempera has a high pigment concentration that brings out bright, bold, and beautiful colors. It won't settle or separate. The paint is creamy smooth for easy lay down, and can hide almost any background. Prang gives rich opaque matte coverage and mixes with other temperas. It even remains stable if frozen and thawed. Non-toxic, water-soluble.

Color Chart Note - Color charts represent approximations of the real color. Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear slightly different on different computer screens. Storage tip - All tempera paints contain organic compounds that make them safe to use, even if ingested, but this also means they eventually will spoil. To prevent spoilage, Blick recommends that you close the lid tightly after use and avoid returning unused liquid tempera to its original container after exposure to air. Always store tempera paints in their original containers, in a cool, dry place.

® Prang is a registered trademark of Dixon Ticonderoga Company.