Portable Painter Watercolor Palette

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Portable Painter Watercolor Palette
Portable Painter Watercolor Palette
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The Portable Painter Watercolor Palette is the perfect hands-free travel palette for watercolor painting. With a unique design created by an experienced watercolor artist, it's packed with special features optimized for plein air painting. It's compact, too  when folded, the palette is about the size of a smartphone (6" × 3¼" × 1½"). Completely self-contained, the Portable Painter includes:

1 Double-sided synthetic travel brush with a fine point for details and a larger point for washes (the fine point is housed in the brush handle) 2 Detachable water containers with built-in brush holders 3 Larger mixing wells and 10 smaller wells for ample mixing space 12 Empty half pans to fill with your choice of watercolor An aluminum clasp and a silicone retaining band for securely closing the palette

It's great on any flat surface. On uneven ground, the water containers work as a sturdy pedestal base for the palette. You can also balance the Portable Painter over your knee or thigh. When it's time to pack up, the palette folds quickly and easily. Easy to carry and easy to use, the lightweight Portable Painter Watercolor Palette is a must-have for plein air painters, urban sketchers, and traveling artists.