Plastruct Patterned Sheets

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Plastruct Patterned Sheets, Asphalt Shingle, 1:24 Scale 
Plastruct Patterned Sheets, Asphalt Shingle, 1:24 Scale 
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Long used by professional model makers, plastics are now becoming the material of choice for hobbyists, miniaturists, and amateur model builders. An ideal substitute for wood, card, and brass in many cases, Plastruct Patterned Sheets allow easier and faster construction, and create better models. Easily cut with a hobby knife or scissors, these 12" × 7" (31 cm × 18 cm) sheets can be applied to rigid materials such as acrylic, styrene, foamboard, or plywood to create realistic simulated finishes such as brick, block, tile, planking, siding, stone, and more. The patterns are designed to allow easy and undetected joining of multiple sheets, as required. Additional patterns such as water, asphalt, cement, and pavers, are ideal for representing realistic industrial, residential, and rural life.



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