Mod Podge


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Mod Podge - Matte Finish, Pint, front of the jar

Available in a variety of finishes, Plaid Mod Podge is a glue, sealer, and finish in one. This versatile milky white liquid dries transparent in less than 10 minutes. Use it for decoupage, scrapbooking, and other craft and home décor projects.

Mod Podge is waterbased, so spills can be easily cl...

® Plaid is a registered trademark.

AP Non-Toxic

Products bearing the AP seal of the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) are certified non-toxic. A product can be certified non-toxic only if it contains no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, or to cause acute or chronic health problems.

Item Specs

Application and Coverage Information

Container SizeOuncesMetricArea Covered per Container
Half Pint8 oz236 ml16 sq ft
Pint16 oz437 ml32 sq ft
Quart32 oz0.95 L64 sq ft
Gallon128 oz3.8 L256 sq ft

 1 Square Meter = Approximately 10.6 Square Feet


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