Pilot BeGreen Bottle 2 Pen

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Bottle 2 Pen, Each
Bottle 2 Pen, Each
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Pilot's Bottle 2 Pen is the world's first recycled pen made from a plastic bottle! It features vibrant G2 gel ink for smooth, effortless, smear-proof writing, and a retractable 0.7 mm point. The Bottle 2 Pen is refillable with Pilot G2 gel ink. Three years in the making, the BeGreen product line represents Pilot's commitment to providing environmentally friendly writing instruments with the same innovation, technology, focus on quality, and pricing as its non-recycled products. Each Pilot BeGreen writing instrument is made from at least 70% recycled industrial waste materials. All products meet or exceed ISO-14001 and ISO-14021 standards for environmentally responsible production. Even the packaging materials are made from recycled board.

Here's how BeGreen works! Post-industrial material is collected, and then fed through a shredder in a recycling plant. The plastic is melted and cut into pellets, which are then shaped and reborn as Pilot BeGreen products. Scraps from production of BeGreen products are collected and the process starts all over again!

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