Paragon Quikfire 6 Kiln

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Furniture Kit
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The QuikFire 6 Kiln brings instant gratification to ceramics, glass fusing, enameling, and china painting. No more waiting to fill your larger kiln to test-fire a new technique. This kiln is a learning tool you will use over and over. Small glass pieces can be fired and cooled to room temperature in only 30 to 40 minutes, small ceramics may take up to 50 minutes.
The QuikFire 6 Kiln is made from a ceramic fiber shell with an embedded element. It measures 6" × 6" × 6" inside and rests on a ceramic fiber base with a steel stand. Rated to 2000°F (1093°C), it fires on 120 volts and needs no other heating source. It has a three prong plug. At only 1560 watts, it uses less power than some hair dryers. It includes a built-in pyrometer.

Electrical Warning - All electrical products have U.S. standard plugs and voltage. Due to damage that can occur when using incompatible plugs, sockets, or converters, Blick does not ship electrical items or accessories outside of North America or to freight forwarders.

Item Specs

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Item Specs

Exterior Length


318 mm

Exterior Width


375 mm

Exterior Height


311 mm

Inside Length


152 mm

Inside Width


152 mm

Inside Height


152 mm


15 lb

7 kg