PanPastel Artists' Painting Pastels


PanPastel Artists' Painting Pastels (side view)
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PanPastel Artists' Painting Pastels (side view)

Here are genuine artists’ quality pastels — the softest in the world — uniquely packaged in stacking and interlocking jars. The packaging protects the colors, thus reducing damage and waste. PanPastels were specially developed so that artists could lift, apply, and control pastel c...

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Item Specs



** Durable

*** Permanent

**** Extremely Lightfast


21934-2020: Black****

21934-4750: Bright Yellow Green****

21934-4780: Bright Yellow Green Extra Dark****

21934-4760: Bright Yellow Green Shade****

21934-4770: Bright Yellow Green Tint****

21934-8040: Burnt Sienna****

21934-8030: Burnt Sienna Extra Dark****

21934-8050: Burnt Sienna Shade****

21934-8060: Burnt Sienna Tint****

21934-7650: Chromium Oxide Green****

21934-7680: Chromium Oxide Green Extra Dark****

21934-7660: Chromium Oxide Green Shade****

21934-7670: Chromium Oxide Green Tint****

21934-4470: Diarylide Yellow****

21934-4410: Diarylide Yellow Extra Dark****

21934-4480: Diarylide Yellow Shade****

21934-4490: Diarylide Yellow Tint***

21934-4220: Hansa Yellow****

21934-4210: Hansa Yellow Extra Dark****

21934-4230: Hansa Yellow Shade****

21934-4240: Hansa Yellow Tint***

21934-3020: Magenta****

21934-3060: Magenta Extra Dark****

21934-3030: Magenta Shade***

21934-3040: Magenta Tint**

21934-2360: Neutral Gray****

21934-2510: Neutral Gray Extra Dark****

21934-2520: Neutral Gray Extra Dark****

21934-2370: Neutral Gray Shade****

21934-2380: Neutral Gray Tint****

21934-2390: Neutral Gray Tint****

21934-4500: Orange****

21934-4530: Orange Extra Dark****

21934-4510: Orange Shade****

21934-4520: Orange Tint***

21934-2560: Paynes Gray****

21934-2590: Paynes Gray Extra Dark****

21934-2570: Paynes Gray Tint****

21934-2580: Paynes Gray Tint****

21934-7550: Permanent Green****

21934-7580: Permanent Green Extra Dark****

21934-7560: Permanent Green Shade****

21934-7570: Permanent Green Tint****

21934-3710: Permanent Red****

21934-3690: Permanent Red Extra Dark****

21934-3720: Permanent Red Shade****

21934-3730: Permanent Red Tint**

21934-5160: Phthalo Blue****

21934-5190: Phthalo Blue Extra Dark****

21934-5170: Phthalo Blue Shade****

21934-5180: Phthalo Blue Tint**

21934-7800: Phthalo Green****

21934-7830: Phthalo Green Extra Dark****

21934-7810: Phthalo Green Shade****

21934-7820: Phthalo Green Tint***

21934-8070: Raw Umber****

21934-8110: Raw Umber Extra Dark****

21934-8080: Raw Umber Shade****

21934-8090: Raw Umber Tint****

21934-3740: Red Iron Oxide****

21934-3770: Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark****

21934-3750: Red Iron Oxide Shade****

21934-3760: Red Iron Oxide Tint****

21934-1020: Titanium White****

21934-5100: Turquoise****

21934-5130: Turquoise Extra Dark****

21934-5110: Turquoise Shade****

21934-5120: Turquoise Tint****

21934-5230: Ultramarine Blue****

21934-5260: Ultramarine Blue Extra Dark****

21934-5240: Ultramarine Blue Shade****

21934-5250: Ultramarine Blue Tint****

21934-6510: Violet****

21934-6610: Violet Extra Dark****

21934-6520: Violet Shade****

21934-6530: Violet Tint***

21934-4010: Yellow Ochre****

21934-4040: Yellow Ochre Extra Dark****

21934-4020: Yellow Ochre Shade****

21934-4030: Yellow Ochre Tint****


pdf documentTo view a PDF showing techniques for painting clouds with the PanPastels, please click here.

pdf documentTo view a PDF showing techniques for painting facial features with the PanPastels, please click here.


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