Painting Imaginary Flowers

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Painting Imaginary Flowers
Painting Imaginary Flowers
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Discover a fresh, fun approach to painting unique flowers! Forgo reference photos and discover a more organic way of painting. Painting Imaginary Flowers features a simple, three-step approach to creating flowers unique to each artist.
Simply drop in color (ink, watercolor, or fluid acrylics) to create abstract backgrounds full of beautiful textures and "blooms." Just like spotting shapes in the clouds, search for shapes in your background that suggest blossoms and leaves, paint around them, and watch flowers emerge. Then, add patterns in pen to create a faux collage effect. This guide features mixed-media techniques throughout for building up luscious texture and color. Ten demonstrations show the versatility of this approach, from large-format pieces to creating a series of works, and even Zen doodle landscapes. Every flower you paint will be unique, personal, and fresh from your imagination. Author Sandrine Pelissier. Paperback. 144 pages. 8¼" × 11" (21 cm × 27 cm).

F&W Publications/Northlight